1860 - Darley, Butler & CO.,
Colombo, Ceylon

The copper tokens that were possibly issued for service in the Darley, Butler & Co. mill called New Maddema (Slave Island) for coffee, oil and plumbago.

Denomination4 ½ pence
Diameter28.7 mm
Thickness1.9 mm
Weight9.90 gms
1860_darley_butler_half_obverse 1860_darley_butler_half_reverse
Lowsley Unlisted; Pridmore #27; Mitchiner #2237a

Obverse : Radiate Sun Face in center DARLEY, BUTLER & CO. * along periphery within dot circle inside raised rim.
Reverse : 1860 in center COLOMBO, CEYLON along periphery within dot circle inside raised rim.

For more details, see larger token of identical design with diameter 36. mm and 19.86 grams. The pair of tokens represent a full and half task, possibly 9d. and 4½D values, for picking a full and half bag of clean coffee.

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I thank Shiran Cruse, Kandy, Sri Lanka, for this scan of the token from his collection now with me.