1859 - A & B Scott & Co, Colombo
Coffee Store, Borella Mills.

A Brass Token struck in Birmingham in 1859 for company Alex & Binney Scott founded around 1854 for use in the Borella Mills.
Denomination6.0 pence
Diameter29.0 mm
Thickness1.7 mm
Weight7.45 gms
1859_ab_scott_co_obverse 1859_ab_scott_co_reverse
Lowsley #2 Pridmore #88 Mitchiner #2245

Obverse : A&B.SCOTT&CO.
along periphery inside raised rim at center: a stag's head on a scroll bar.
along periphery inside raised rim at center: an elephant facing left standing on a scroll.

These tokens were valued at 6 pence untill the currency reform of 1870, then re-valued to 25 cents. This is probably the first Coffee token minted with a date of issue.

A. & B. SCOTT & Co.Founded around 1854 the firm Alex & Binney Scott held the important agency for the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, one of the earliest banks to establish an agency in Colombo. The token was struck by Ralph Heaton & Sons, Birmingham, and was used in the Borella Mills. The firm merged back with the parent firm Alston Scott & Co in 1871 and the mill sold to Carson Morris & Co was pulled down in 1883.

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The very fine condition coin was purchased in August 1998 from a dealer in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.