USA 1910's - Ceylon MN

Prust & Boehne $1.00

An USA One dollar Merchant Trade token from Prust & Boehne, General Store of Ceylon, Martin County, Minnesota. Opened in 1909 and operated till 1915.

Value$ 1
Diameter33.3 / 35.2 mm
Thickness1.6 mm
Weight2.86 gms
prust&boehne_ceylon_mn_$1_obverse prust&boehne_ceylon_mn_$1_reverse

Obverse : Image of a bow-tie at center with name PRUST & BOEHNE, above along periphery, and town CEYLON,   MINN. below along periphery, all within dot-circle.
Reverse : Large $1.00 ¢ at center between two stars with the legend GOOD FOR on top and IN below with MERCHANDISE at bottom along the periphery, all within dash-circle.

Please see the very similer PRUST $ BOEHNE, 10¢ token for more details.

The images shown at 200 dpi are of token gifted and on display at the Ceylon MN Historical Society Museum which was scanned at 300 dpi by me when I visited Ceylon MN on 2005 September. 9th-11th.