USA 1930's - Ceylon MN

Gus & Squiz $1.00

Two USA One Dollar Merchant Trade token from Ceylon Hotel in Martin County, Minnesota. Gus & Squiz were the nicknames of the owners.

Value$ 1.00
Diameter30.7 mm
Thickness1.3 mm
Weight7.36 gms
gus&squiz_ceylon_mn_1$_obverse gus&squiz_ceylon_mn_1$_reverse

Obverse : Name GUS & SQUIZ above and state MINN. below along periphery, and town CEYLON below bow-tie hust above at center, all within dot circle.
Reverse : Large $100 at center with the legend GOOD FOR& on top and IN TRADE below at bottom along the periphery, all within dot circle.

Please also see the very similer GUS & SQUIZ 5¢ token

Not sure if the value indicates this is a more recent token particularly since the font is different. (Note the &)
I am told by Forrest Stevens that he has seen many examples of sets of tokens from the same store to give change in varying denominations, from as low as 1/2 cent to as high as $5, which were made in the same style and appeared to be the same age.

The token was scanned at about 300 dpi and the images are displayed at 200 dpi. This token was won in the 2003 January on ebay from a seller from MN, USA

I thank Gerald Rosenberg of Ceylon MN, who obtained the token for me in 2003 February, and Marlen Bents for the history.

See also the Ceylon MN token site for more stories.