USA 1930's - Ceylon MN


A USA Five Cents Merchant Trade token from Dutchman's, Saloon of Ceylon, Martin County, Minnesota.

Value5 cents
Diameter21.2 mm
Thickness1.8 mm
Weight4.37 gms
dutchman's_ceylon_mn_5c_obverse dutchman's_ceylon_mn_5c_reverse

Obverse : Name DUTCHMAN'S above and state MINN. below along periphery, and town CEYLON between Two Diamonds at center.
Reverse : Large 5 ¢ at center with the legend * GOOD FOR * on top and IN TRADE at bottom along the periphery, all within plain rim.

In 1967 Harold Huntley purchased "Dutchman's" from Bill and Marie Baumgartner.

Please see also DUTCHMAN'S, token with a Cup.

The images of token are displayed at 250 dpi. Image is from an e-Bay Auction by a Token dealer in Minnesota, that I won in 2004 November. I thank Chris Hanning curator of the Granada MN Historical Museu and Gerald Rosenberg for the history.

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