The First National Bank of Ceylon, Minnesota
Large Size - 2nd Charter - DateBack - US$20

First National Bank of Ceylon, Minnesota M6029
Fr. 555 $20 1882DB Series (DB=DateBack)
At left, the Battle of Lexington, April 19.1775. At right Columbia leading Procession.
Plate Date: 1901 October 4th. - Upper US Treasury Signatures - Lyons & Roberts
The large M on the currency note indicates that Ceylon MN is in Mid West to simplify sorting to regions.

2010 August 31 - Melamed Minnesota Collection - Lyn Knight Auction - Lot # 69
First National Bank of Ceylon, Minnesota was chartered in 1901, just in time to issue 1882 Databacks, of which this will be only the fourth public offering. It's a nice looking note, better than most of the nine reported. Signatures are there but not decipherable. Grade:VF
Estimate $1,500 - $3,000 : Sold for $1,356 + 15% Buyers Commission = $1,560

2005 Lyn Knight Summer Auction > Session 3 - Lot # 2228 : Ceylon, First NB, M6029
This note is new to the census on this Martin County bank, and with it the census shows only nine large notes reported, over half of which are second charters (1882-1902). This one has nicely stamped signatures. The owner saved it for its country name connection. Grade: Fine

Large size US Banknotes were issued between 1862 and 1923.
Size measure 7 27/64 by 3 1/8 inches ( 188.5 W x 79.4 H MM ).
Large size notes are nicknamed, "Saddle or Horse Blankets," and "Old Series Notes,".
With few exceptions, black and green are the dominant colors.
The face is printed in black on white paper, and all bear portraits of famous Americans or allegorical scenes.

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