USA 2000's - Ceylon MN

Buke's Place

A modern USA wooden Trade token from Buke's Place of Ceylon, Martin County, Minnesota which which is currently valid for use.

ValueOne Drink
Diameter38.4 mm
Thickness3.1 mm
Weight2.63 gms
buke's_place_ceylon_mn_obverse buke's_place_ceylon_mn_reverse

Obverse : On & Off Sales at center in two lines with name BUKE'S PLACE above and town Ceylon, MN below along the periphery.
Reverse : Image of Champagne glass at center within plain circle and the legend GOOD FOR on top and ONE DRINK at bottom along the periphery.

Charlene and Jerry Buchan leased the bar from Nassen-Detert American Legion Post #529 in 1996. The bar currently operating in Ceylon MN, handles both on-sale and off-sale liquors.

The token was scanned at 300 dpi and the images are displayed at 150 dpi. I thank Gerald Rosenberg of Ceylon MN for sending me this current token in 2003 January.

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