1815 - Ceylon

Half Stiver

Half Stiver copper coin struck at the Royal Mint for circulation in Ceylon.
DenominationHalf Stiver
Diameter22. mm
Thickness1.6 mm
Weight4.53 gms
MintRoyal Mint
1815_hst_obverse 1815_hst_reverse
Pridmore #92; Mitchiner #2223; Krause #80

Obverse : Laur and draped bust to right. T.W. placed below the right shoulder. Around margin GEORGIUS III D:G : BRITANNIARUM REX
Reverse : Within plain rim an elephant facing left and above, CEYLON around rim; HALF STIVER in a single line; and below 1815.

The Stiver known in Sinhala Tuttuwa and in Tamil Tuddu was worth 3 Dutch challie (VOC Duits), and 4 English challie (1/2 Farthings). i.e. "Half Stiver" was of equal value to a British fathing of similar weight and size.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 154 Chapter XI British - Coins struck in England Plate 151.

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