Coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Corrections and additions to 3rd Edition 2002, of the 19th Century Volume

   Drop all references to SHRI within () in title and introduction text.

    Rulers   British  1796-1948     (not 1972)

Shri was NOT adopted in 1972 and was used only from June'92 to Dec'93
on a personal decision of President Premadasa without constitutional
authority. It appears only on one Coin of Sri Lanka. 



   Monetary System
     4 Pice    = 1 Stiver
     4 Stivers = 1 Fannam
    12 Fannams = 1 Rix Dollar
    16 Fannams = 1 Rupee = 2 Shillings


      According to F. Pridmore 1960 London, Spink & Son Ltd
and added to by listing in Dick Ford Collection 
( Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction #19 catalog of 23 February 1995)

     the following off metal-strike Proof coin exists and are not listed,
      KM90a 1/4 cent silver 1892
      KM91a 1/2 cent silver 1892
      KM92a  1  cent silver 1890
      KM93b  5 cents gold   1870



There is some confusion in KM  Listings distinction between what is 
listed as Patterns and what is in the main section.

It could be considered to move all of the off-metal strikes of Queen Victoria
and King Edward VII to the "Patterns and off metal-strikes" section at
the end of listing of the regular issues. 

However to keep current numbers recommend that off metal strikes are
listed with patterns retain the same number of standard metal strike
with alpha extension as currently used.