Catalog of coins used in Lanka

The collection is of coins of Lanka and those that were legal tender and circulated in Lanka. The latter includes

The entries above in Bold are online. Webpages for the other coins still need to be written.

Want Lists : A Short Summary

Looking for light toned VF/VF+ suitable for scanning for Lanka Coin website.
I probably can't afford the higher grades particularly for the coins which have higher numismatic value, and probably consider VG/F for these coin.

For coins I need for this collection I am interested in
purchasing at prices about 80% of Krause, typical of prices I have been able to
buy on ebay, the Internet and at Local coin shows.
or trading equal value using Krause prices,
I have a reasonable collection of extra Ceylon coins both recent (high grade) and ancient (lower grade).

Kavan Ratnatunga