Capitol Reach
2008 Calendar

Coins of Lanka over Two Milleniums

Text by Kavan Ratnatunga with images from the
Lakdiva Collection and website
and from the Collection of Brig. Siri Munasinghe.
Designed and Printed @ L A N E X : Photography by Dinah

January 2008 : Trade Items, Ancient Ruhuna Seals
February 2008 : Purana Karshapana Coins and Pot
March 2008 : Lakshmi Plaque Coins and Pot
April 2008 : Indo Roman Coins and Pot
May 2008 : Gold Kahavanu Coins on Rhys Davids' Numismata Orientalia
June 2008 : RajaRaja Chola Coins and Pot
July 2008 : Copper Massa Coins and Pot
August 2008 : Tanga and Vilisiyanu Coins and emblem
September2008 : Larins and Panamas Coins and Pettagama
October 2008 : Copper VOC Stuiver Coins
November 2008 : Rix Dollar to Rupee Coins
December 2008 : Modern Commemorative Coins Proof set in Royal Mint Box.

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