India - 1740-1807 - Madras Presidency

Gold Three Swami Pagoda

The Madras Presidency ThreeSwami Pagoda Masulipatnam was imported from Coromandel into Ceylon, where it was current (1777 Thunberg, p 229)

DenominationOne Pagoda
Diameter12.3 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal3.406 gms
Weight3.43 gms
threeswami_pagoda_obverse threeswami_pagoda_reverse
KM Madras #304

Obverse : Venkatesvara between his two wives; deeply struck.
Reverse : Granulated.

In 1748 the Madras Presidency ThreeSwami Pagoda was being struck by the English at Fort St. David, and was imitated by the Dutch at Nagapatam; it was also issued by the Nawab, and by the French at Pondicherry. It's intrinsic value was 10% less than a Star Pagoda.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 172 Chapter XIII Miscellaneous: VI - Pagodas and Fanams.

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The BU condition coins were purchased in March 2000 on ebay, from a US dealer who said it was obtained from a dealer in London.