Royal ReStrikes - Ceylon

Queen Victoria - Edward VII

On the request of private individuals, provided the dies were available, the Indian mints did unusual "proof restrike" in silver and gold of the copper coins in this series on payment of prescribed fees and bullion charges. A number of these precious metal restrikes are listed in coin catalogs for many of the Victorian Ceylon coppers.

Being excessively rare items it is uncommon to see them for sale. All but 3 of the 22 type listed in Pridmore and 6 unlisted types sold at The Dick Ford collection (in Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auctions #19 Ceylon 1995 February 23. Singapore ) in table below identified with X are the coins included in 8 Lots which sold for a total hammer price of $17,567/-.(+10% buyers premium).

Queen Victoria
KM#Silver90a 91a 92a 93a TBG Auction
KM#Gold 90b 91b 92b 93b #19 in 1995

Yearmetal 1/4 cent 1/2 cent 1 cent 5 cents Lot#Sold US$

1870Silver 245BX226B 197B 209 187
1870Gold X245CX226CX197C 179B210 3,000
1890SilverX X X X 212 1,300
1891SilverX247aX228BX199BX181A214 1,100
1891Gold X247BX228CX199CX181B21510,000
1892SilverX X X200BX182B217 1,300
1895Silver X230B 219 260
1895Gold 230C
1898SilverX249BX231B 221 420

King Edward VII
KM#Gold 100a

Yearmetal 1/4 cent
1904Gold X251B 950

The Ceylon Copper coins issued between 1870 and 1904 which were restruck in Gold and Silver for rich collectors, and were viewed no different to issue of Bullion by the Mint.

The one-rupee cupro-nickel 1978 JR-coin and 1992 RP-coin were also struck in gold and silver at the request of the then President of Sri Lanka. The Presentation Off-Metal Strike (POMS) coins are low denomination cupro-nickel circulation coins of modern era, struck in gold and silver.

Text edited from
* The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations
F. Pridmore, London, Spink & Son Ltd., 1960.