1944 - Ceylon

George VI

A definitive decimal currency Ten cent Nickel Brass coin, made legal tender on 1944 November 15th.

Denomination1 cents
AlloyNickel Brass
Diameter23.1/21.0 mm
Thickness mm
Weight4.21 gms
Shapeeight Scallops
George~VI_10c_obverse George~VI_10c_reverse
KM #118

Obverse : Crowned effigy of George VI to left in relief in the center of the legend GEORGE VI KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA, along periphery.

Reverse : The word CENTS superimposed over large numeral 10 and year below. Left Sinhala sather dhahayer; Right Tamil 10 Satam. and above CEYLON along periphery.

Pridmore Year Alloy Issue Coined Mint
177 1944 Ni-Brass 23,370,000 1944 Bombay & Calcutta
177 1944 Ni-Brass 7,130,000 1945 Bombay & Calcutta
177 1944 Ni-Brass 7,000,000 1951 Bombay & Calcutta

This coin with frozen year 1944 was restruck in 1951, few years after Ceylon independence in 1948.

The 1944 Mint figure above from Royal Mint Reports match Sallay's records and Pridmore(1961). Remick(1968) and Robert Harris(1970) is short the extra 7.0M minted in 1951 with year 1944 is an error.

The coin was scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 250dpi.