1912 - 1926 - Ceylon

George V

A definitive Ceylon decimal currency Half cent copper coin.

Denomination1/2 cents
Diameter18.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight2.36 gms
George~V_1hc_obverse George~V_1hc_reverse
KM #106

Obverse : Crowned bust of George V to left in high relief in the center of the legend GEORGE V KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA, along periphery. Initials of designer B.M. in relief on the truncation of the shoulder.

Reverse : A Talipot palm in the center with Left Sinhala ½ satheyer; Right Tamil @.Satam. CEYLON . HALF . CENT and year below along periphery.

Pridmore Year Alloy Issue Mint Proof
239 1912 Cu 5,007,503 239A
240 1914 Cu 2,000,000 240A
241 1917 Cu 2,000,000 241A
242 1926 Cu 10,000,000 Birmingham242A

The Mint, Birmingham Ltd., and King's Norton Metal Co., Birmingham. No marks were placed upon the punches supplied to the contractors by the Royal Mint during 1926-1929

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