Coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
A Chronological bibliography of selected Books

The Mahavamsa and The Culavamsa I & II
~4th Century AD Dipavamsa edited by Mahanama ~12th and by others till 18th
1908 - 1930 Translation by Wilhelm Geiger.
Published 1912, 1930 by the Pali Text Society.
Comment: The great chronicle of Lanka from the earlist times.
Library: 1912 First print of Mahavamsa. 1930 first print of Culavamsa from my grandfather
Online: Mahavamsa + Chapter - 80 of Culavamsa

Historical Relation of Ceylon
Robert Knox
1681 London, Reprint 1958 Vol. V Ceylon Historical Journal
Comment: By English sailor of East India Co., detained by King of Kandy from 1660-1680
Library: 1966 reprint 2nd Edition Tisara Prakasakayo.
Online: Knox is online - Coins

In Travels made between the years 1770 and 1779; A voyage to Ceylon
Thunberg, Carl Peter, 1743-1828
1795 London : Printed for F. and C. Rivington, 2nd ed. Part of Vol. 4 of 4
Comment: Referenced by Codrington
Library: ILL Allegheny College PA
Online: Plan to put online. Coins

A view of the agricultural, commercial, and financial interests of Ceylon
Bertolacci, Anthony, 1776-1833.
1817, London Black Parbury and Alan. 577p p. ill, fold map 23 cm,
Comment: Referenced by Rhys Davids.
Library: Reprint 1993 New Delhi: Navrang
Online: Coins & Currency

Account of the Interior of Ceylon
John Davy
1821 London
Library: Reprint 1983 Dehiwala: Tisara Prakasakayo Ltd. Online:

An Account of the Island Ceylon
Sir James E. Tennent,
1860, London: Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts
Library: Original 1860 4th Edition
Online: Tennent Vol 1 - on Coins

Numismata Orientalia - On the Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon
Thomas William Rhys Davids, 1843-1922
1877 London, Trubner & Co., 62 p.
Comment: Oldest book on Lankan coins. 1 plate 25 coins illustrated
Library: 1877 original gifted by Prof. Tissa Rajapatirana
and 1996 Indian Reprint. (Rs265/-) - (I got extra copy of Reprint for $6+postage)

Contributions to the Study of Indo-Portuguese Numismatics
J. Gerson Da Cunha
1880. Bombay, 125pp +9 plates with line drawings.
Comment: Interesting background reference of Portuguese era
Library: 1995 AES reprint HC, OK plate reproduction. Purchased coinbooks/India.

Coins of Southern India
R. H. C. Tufnell,
1890. New York: 52pp illustrated Comment: Cited by Codrington.
Library: 1996 AES Indian reprint HC

The International Numismata Orientalia - Coins of Southern India
Sir Walter Elliott,
1886, London, 159pp
Comment: Old catalog of south asian coins. 4 plate 197 coins illustrated
Library: 1975 Indian reprint purchased in USA from Scott Semans

The Coins and Tokens of the British Empire
James Atkins
1889 London, 402 p., ills., 1993 Indian Reprint
Comment: 8 pages (192-199) on Ceylon. Superseded by Pridmore
Library: Photocopy of pages on Ceylon for personal research: ANS-US

History of the coinage of the territories of the East India Company in the Indian peninsular and Catalogue of coins in the Madras Museum
Thurston, E.
1890, Madras. 123pp + 20 plates with line drawings
Comment: Interesting background reference
Library: 1992 AES reprint HC, Poor plate reproduction. Purchased coinbooks/India.

A History of Currency in the British Colonies
R. Chalmers
1893 London. viii, 496 p. ; 25 cm. 1972 England Reprint.
Comment: Good overview of British Era with appendix of legal enactments.
Library: Photocopy of pages on Ceylon for personal research: ILL-US

Ceylon Coins - Madras Government Museum, Catalogue No 2.
Thurston, E., Suprintendent
1894, Madras. Goverment Press
Comment: 5 pages general introduction to Ceylon Coins
Library: Photocopy of pages on Ceylon for personal research: ANS-NY:KR

Currency of the Farther East: Chinese coins of the Glover collection.
James H. Stewart Lockhart.
1895 Hong Kong, Noronha & Co
Comment: 1907 reprint(?) cited by Codrington for Chinese coins found in Lanka.
Library: Photocopy of part of book for personal research: PL.MD-USA

A Manual of Musalman Numismatics.
Codrington, O.
1904, London Royal Asiatic Society Monographs; Volume VII
Comment: useful companion reference to Plant. Lots of arabic text
Library: 1990 AES reprint HC, OK readable newsprint. Purchased coinbooks/India.

Catalogue of Coins exhibited in the Colombo Museum
John Still
1908 Colombo, Government Printer, Ceylon, 52 p., ills.
Comment: A catalog with few descriptions
Library: Original from my Grandfather

Ceylon Dutch Currency
H. T. Grogan,
1908 Spink Numismatic Circular, vol 16, 10383-7
Comment: Not looked at yet.

Ancient Ceylon
Henry Parker
1909 London Luzac & Co. 695 p. ills.
Comment: Details of ancient Lankan coins in a historical context.
Library: Original from my Grandfather.
Online: Plan to put Book online.

Catalogue of Coins in the Colombo Museum
Part I Muhammadan and European (exclusive of Roman
H. W. Codrington, 1879-1942
1914 Colombo, Government Printer, Ceylon, 61 p., ills.
Comment: A very useful detailed catalog with 4 plates.
Library: Original purchased on eBay - KA90.C6(ANA)

The Coins of Venice Le Monete Di Venezia I-III
Aldobrandini Nicolo Papadopoli
Tipografica Libreria Emiliana, Venezia: 1893-1916.
Comment: A detailed catalog with all Venetian Ducats illustrated.
Library: Reprint of 4 Vols.: Bologna: A. Forni, (1967). Photocopy part for research: CNG-US:BB

The coins of India
C. J. Brown
1922, 120pp +12 plates with engravings.
Comment: A summary introduction to a vast subject
Library: 1988 AES reprint HC, OK plate reproduction. Purchased coinbooks/India.

Ceylon Coins and Currency
Humphrey William Codrington
, 1879-1942
1924 Colombo. 290 p., 7 plates, 1975 Reprint; it's 1993 litho($3); 1994 Indian Reprint;
Comment: The most detailed monograph for ancient Lankan coins (pre 1825)
Note: The quality of the plates in the 1924 is XF; the 1975 reprint VF; the 1993 is at most VG.
Library: Original from my Grandfather. 1975 and 1993 Colombo Museum reprints. KA90.C6c(ANA)

The Gampola larin hoard,
Howland Wood, 1877-1938
1934, American Numismatic Society, notes & monographs #61, 84p. illus., plates. 17 cm
Comment: Detailed book on Larins very well illustrated with coins of Portuguese era.
Library: Original from FrostBooks USA-NY - KA90.C4W6(ANA)
Note: On 2002 June 19th in NY I looked at the Scrapbook of Notes and correspondence with reference to the Gampola 'Find' kept by Dr Casey Wood who purchased the hoard in Kandy.

Ceylon Currency British Period 1796-1936
Benjamin Walter Fernando
1939 Colombo:Ceylon Government. viii, 69 p 9 leaves of plates : ill; 24cm
Comment: Bridges the period between Codrington and Sallay in same detail
Library: Original purchased in Lanka 2003 May.

Price catalogue of Ancient Coins of Ceylon
T. M. DeSilva Abeywardene

1952 Colombo. vi, 41 p., 11 leaves of plates : ill., 1 map ; 23 cm.
Comment: A very nice catalog - Pencil rubbed images not clear
Library: Original purchased from GalataCoins U.K.
Online: Plan to put online.

The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
C. Scholten
1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman. (About 15 pages on Ceylon)
Comment: Detailed monograph with plates of VoC and Copper Dumps S(1257-1353)
Library: Original purchased in USA

The Venetian Gold Ducat and its Imitations
Herbert E. Ives, edited and annotated by Phillip Grierson.
1954, American Numismatic Society, notes & monographs #128, 37p. illus., 16 plates. 17 cm
Comment: Interesting book on Venetian Ducats and Imitations
Library: Original gifted to me by Benjamin Bell.

Coins and Currency of Ceylon (in Sinhala)
H. L. Caldera
1959 Colombo National Museum, 56 p., ills.
Comment: Guide Book Series - No 1
Library: Original purchased in Lanka long time ago

The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations
to the end of the reign of George VI 1952 - Part 2 - Asian Territories
F. Pridmore

1960 London, Spink & Son Ltd.
Comment: Detailed catalog with 90 pages (30-120) on Ceylon coins and Tokens
Library: 1965 Second Impression, purchased in USA

From Dependent currency to Central Banking in Ceylon 1825-1957
H. A. de S. Gunasekera
1962 London School of Economics and Political Science, 324 p.
Comment: University of London Ph.D. Thesis on British era with interesting details.
Library: Original purchased in Lanka 2002

Chinese Currency of the far east,
Fredrik Schjoth, revised and edited by Virgil Hancock
1965, Krause Publications, Iola, WI,
Comment: Standard reference used by dealers for Chinese cash coins.
Library: 2nd edition (unauthorised farEast reprint) won at WPNS auction in Pittsburgh Jun'01

The silver Benelux. Crowns and fractions struck in Netherlands
Delmonte, A.
1967 J. Schulman:Amsterdam, 319 pp. 52 plts. Cloth.
Comment: Scholten-style reference used by dealers for Silver from Netherlands
Library: Photocopy of part for personal research: ILL-US

Coins of the Pandyas,
Biddulph, Charles Hubert, 1898-1966,
1966, Numismatic Society of India, #11; vi, 71 p., illus.; 4 plates. 25 cm.
Comment: Nice Monogram. 4 plates 127 coins illustrated.
Library: Original purchased in USA from Scott Semans.

Coins of the Cholas,
Biddulph, Charles Hubert, 1898-1966,
1968, Numismatic Society of India, #13; vi, 65 p., illus.; 5 plates. 26 cm.
Comment: Nice Monogram. 5 plates 64 coins illustrated.
Library: Original purchased in USA from Scott Semans.

Kandy Kings of Ceylon 1055-1295
Frank A. Lapa
1968 California, 44 p., ills. ; 1986 edition 47 text + 15 ills pages
Comment: A very detailed monograph of Massa Coins of Polonnaruva Era
Based on a hoard purchased in 1967 by Frank Lapa from Carl Subak in Chicago.
Library: Author Autographed Original 1968 (gift from SatyaB) and 1986 editions purchased on ebay. KA90.L3(ANA)

A guide book of Modern British Commonwealth Coins
Robert H. Harris
1970, Western Publishing Co Inc. Racine, Wisconsin. 128 p. illus. Comment: 3.5 pages on Ceylon. Issue from Royal Mint Anuual reports till 1966 Library: Original picked up at a Coin Show

British Commonwealth Coins
Jerome M. Remick
Comment: Catalog with prices 11 pages (142-152) on Ceylon Tokens/coins till 1968
Library: Photocopy of 3rd Edition Pages on Ceylon for personal research: CLPgh-US
PB of 2nd Edition purchased from FrostBooks.

A beginner's guide to Ottoman Empire numismatics
Jem Sultan
1971, California, vi 96, 19p. : ill; 22cm price list Bibliography:
Comment: Original won on eBay 2003 Dec ANA KA20.T858c

A Catalogue of Antiquities and other cultural objects from Sri Lanka Abroad
P. H. D. H. De Silva, Director National Museums, Sri Lanka
1975, Published by National Museums of Sri Lanka, 193-231, 477-484
Comment: Lankan coins in British Museum (39-pages) Boston Museum (8-pages 85-coins) Library: Original from Colombo Museum Bookshop.

The Sri Lanka numismatist.
Sri Lanka numismatist Society
1977, Nugegoda : S.L.N.S., 22p + 3 plates ; 21 cm. Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov.)
Comment: Articles by founder members of SLNS on Lankan coins
Library: Copy gifted to me by Rajah Wicremasinha (Founder Secretary)

Oriental Coins: The Ancient & Classical World 600 B.C. - A.D. 650
Michael Mitchiner
1978 London, Hawkins Publications
Comment: 5 pages on Lankan coins p. 629-631(#5043-5047) p. 643-645(#5162-5184)
Library: Photocopy of pages on Lanka for personal research: CHA-US:TKM

Oriental Coins: Non-Islamic States & Western Colonies 600 A.D. - 1979
Michael Mitchiner
1978 London, Hawkins Publications
Comment: 22 pages on Lankan coins p. 132-139(#0813-0873) p. 264-277(#2141-2276)
Library: Photocopy of pages on Lanka for personal research: CHA-US:TKM

Arabic coins and how to read them
Richard J. Plant,
1980 2nd rev. edition, London, Seaby's numismatic publications, 148p. : ill.; 22cm.
Comment: An indispensable introduction to a complex subject after you master the basics
Library: 1999 Reprint purchased from GalataCoins U.K

Gold Coins of the World - From Ancient Times to the Present
Robert Friedberg revised and edited by Arthur and Ira Friedberg
1980 The Coin and Currency Institute, Inc, Clifton NJ. 6th Edition
Comment: 1/2 page (#1-8) on Lankan coins
Library: 1958 1st Edition

The Standard Guide to South Asian Coins and Paper Money since 1556 AD
Colin Bruce II, John S. Deyell, Nicholas Rhodes, William F. Spengler,
Krause Publications, 1981,
Comment: Pages 395-402 on coins and 506-524 on notes. Krause in One Volume.
Library: Author Autographed original purchased in USA from SatyaB.

Indian Silver Punchmarked Coins, Maghada-Maurya Series
P. L. Gupta & T. R. Hardaker
1985, Nasik 112pp. 8pl. Card covers. Maharashtrai
Comment: Primary Reference for this series.
Library: reprint of Catalog from IIRNS and photcopy of plates. Seeking original or copy.

Sri Lanka Currency of Recent Times 1938-1985
T. M. U. Sallay

1986 Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 121 p., ills. sold for Rs 120/-(~$4)
Comment: Detailed catalog with insider information from Central Bank.
Library: Author and Governor of Central Bank autographed original

Has ebu kahapana (Ancient coins of Sri Lanka)
M. E. Sirisoma and Gita Amarasimha.
1986, xi, 159 p. : p., ill. ;, 31 cm.
Colombo: Archeology Depatment
Comment: In Sinhala

The Prehistory of Sri Lanka - An Ecological Perspective.
S.U. Deraniyagala.
Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of Ceylon ; v. 8. part I & II.
1992 xv, 813 p. ill., cartes ; 31 cm.
Comment: Emphasis on Prehistory. see Website
Library: Original purchased in Lanka in 2003 May.

The Portuguese empire in Asia, 1500-1700 : a political and economic history
Sanjay Subrahmanyam,
1993, Longman, London, xiii, 320 p. : maps; 23 cm (UPITT)
Comment: Not looked at yet.

Sangam Age Tamil Coins (300BC to 300AD)
R. Krishnamurthy
1997 Garnet Publications, xii+168p+19 color plates. Madras IndianRs750/-
Comment: Line drawngs, description and images of 253 coins of Pandya, Chera and Chola.
Library: Original HC, Beautiful color images. Purchased coinbooks/India.

The Coinage and history of Southern India, vol. 2: TamilNadu - Kerala
Michael Mitchiner
1998 London, Hawkins Publications. pp 282 with over 1200 coins cataloged and illustrated
Comment: Coverage of Lankan coins in as much as they circulated in South India.
Library: Photocopy of pages on Lanka for personal research: SS-US:SS

Origin, evolution, and circulation of foreign coins in the Indian Ocean.
Proceedings of the numismatic workshop : Colombo, 1994 September 8-10
edited by Osmund Bopearachchi and D. P. M. Weerakkody
Sri Lanka Society for Numismatic Studies & French Mission of Archaeological Co-operation.
1998, New Delhi, Manohar xiii, 272 p. : ill., maps ; 29 cm. Indian-Rs 900(US$21)
Comment: Useful update on recent finds by curators of British/French museums.
Library: Original purchased in India.

Some old Coins found in Early Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
K. N. V. Seyone
1998, Colombo, SriLanka. Parts III-XI SL-Rs900(~US$12); 1990, Parts I-II (limited edition)
Comment: A Pencil rubbed illustrated catalog of over 500 coins found in Lanka. Review
Library: Author autographed original purchased in Lanka

Ruhuna. An Ancient Civilisation Re-visited.
Numismatic and Archaeological evidence on Inland and Maritime trade.
Osmund Bopearachchi and Rajah M. Wickramasinhe
1999, Nugegoda, SriLanka. 145p 43 plates (2 in color) : 29 cm - Rs2500(~US$31) E-mail LakeHouse Bookshop ISBN 955-96816-0-5
Comment: Nicely ilustrated monograph of very early coins found in Lanka. Review STimes - ONS
Ten of the 276 Plate Specimen coins were obtained from Author for LakdivaCollection.
Library: Author autographed original gifted to me in Lanka.

The Gold Sovereign.
M. A. Marsh.
1999, Cambridge U.K., 2nd ed. 118pp. Illustr. colour
Comment: Definitive Monogram on British Gold Sovereign including Sydney Mint.
Library: Original purchased from GalataCoins U.K

Standard catalog of World Coins 1601-1700
1999 Krause Publications, Iola WI, ills. 2nd edition
Comment: Portuguese and Dutch Occupation p. 1003-1004 (KM# 1-60)
Library: Photocopy of part for personal research: CLPgh-US

Standard catalog of World Coins 1701-1800
1999 Krause Publications, Iola WI, ills. 2nd edition
2nd edition
Comment: Dutch Occupation p. 881-882 (KM# 16-34)
Library: Photocopy of part for personal research: CLPgh-US

History of Coins and Currency in Sri Lanka
G. P. S. H. de Silva
2001 Central Bank of Sri Lanka. xviii 198pp illust. some color Sold for Rs700/-($9)
Comment: Nice Layout but VERY poorly proofed. Images not to scale. Scale not given
Comment: Too many silly errors to be acceptable. Working on an errata sheet.
Library: Author autographed original purchased in Lanka

Standard catalog of World Coins 1801-1900
2001 Krause Publications, Iola WI, ills. 3rd edition
Comment: British Occupation p. 1019-1022 (KM# 72-96)
Library: Contributor Copy from Krause:

25th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka numismatist Society 1976-2001
2001 December 14th, Sri Lanka National Archives, 28p ill ; 29 cm.
Comment: Exhibition program and Seminar Papers
Library: Original from event I was able to attend and participate.

2003 Standard catalog of World Coins since 1901 -
2002 Krause Publications, Iola WI, ills. 30th edition
Comment: British Colonial to current p. 1986-1991 (KM# 90-167) Some update
Library: Contributor Copy from Krause:

Ancient Coins of Sri Lankan Tamil Rulers.
Paramu Pushparatnam
2002 Bavani Patippakam, Jaffna. IndianRs 200/- See Also research
Comment: Numismatic Perspective of Tamil heritage. Good emphasis of discussion of coins. Coin in Lakdiva Collection is among the 12 line drawings from Ruhuna catalog.
Library: Author autographed original gifted to me in Lanka.

Medieval Gold Coins of Sri Lanka ( 700 - 1100 A. D.)
O. M. R. Sirisena

2002 Colombo, Sri Lanka - 22cm x 22cm 46 pages of which 11 in color
Comment: Nice monograph with high quality color images of 91 gold coins printed at 150dpi
Library: Author autographed gift AirMailed to me from Lanka.

Sri Lanka Ancient Coins (in Sinhala)
Akiriyagala Ekanayaka
2006 Colombo, Sri Lanka - 14cm x 22cm 80 pages. B&W illustrations
Comment: Cover illustrated with color images of coins from lakdiva Website, used without permission.
Library: Purchased in Colombo. Rs125/- (US$1.20)

Sri Lanka Ancient Currency and Foreign commercial Trade (in Sinhala)
Karunaratne Jayasinghe
2006 Mirigama, Sri Lanka - 14cm x 22cm 120 pages. B&W illustrations
Library: Purchased in Colombo. Rs230/- (US$2.10)

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