Tree and Svastika

Ancient Lanka - Anuradhapura - Ruhuna Period

A circular copper-lead coin found at various archaeological sites in Anuradhapura and Ruhuna with a branched tree within enclosure of many compartments on obverse and a railed svastika revolving to right (clockwise) or left (anticlockwise) on the reverse.

Codrington's description counts only branches to side and has even number. Codrington describes 14 types with various combinations of (1) Four (2) Six and (3) Eight Branches in tree, and Four, Six, and twelve compartments in enclosure. The catalogs also list Right and Left rotation of the svastika, and other minor variations which give various types.
None Four Right 1B(b)(vi)
Four Four Right 1A 1B(a)(i) 1B(a)(ii) 1B(a)(iii) 1B(b)(ii) 1B(b)(iv) 1B(b)(v)
Four Four Left 1B(b)(i)
Four Eight Right 3(i) 3(iii)
Six Eight Left 3(ii)
Twelve Four Right 1B(b)(iii)
Twelve Six Right 2

Bopearachchi and Wickramasinhe in Ruhuna (OBRW) describes 9 types from Akurugoda with various combinations of Three, Five Seven Branches in tree, and Four, Six, twelve and fifteen compartments in enclosure. They count main vertical stalk leading to one more or a odd-number of branches. For direct comparison with Codrington above I use that description.

CompartmentsBranchesSvastikaOBRW #
Four Two Left H.14
Four Four Left H.15
Four Four Right H.16 H.17
Six Two Left H.13
Twelve Four Right H.10
Twelve Six Right H.11
Twelve Six Left H.12
Fifteen Four Left H.9

Neither of the catalog lists the 3 Types in my collection, and probably implies that the variety is much larger. Two of the coins are from Rajah Wickremesinhe an Author of the second catalog.

Four Four Left @ Small
Six Six Right @
Eight Six Left @
Twelve Four Left @
Twelve Four Right @ Large

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* Ruhuna. An Ancient Civilisation Re-visited by Bopearachchi and Wickramasinhe. 1999 (OBRW)
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