Bull and Brahami Legend
Naga Kings of Padmawati (ca.170-350 CE)

Small copper coins of Naga kings of Padmawati struck with a bull facing left or right on obverse and some Text on reverse which are truncated heads of Brahami legend along periphery.

Height8.3 mm
Width9.1 mm
Thickness2.3 mm
Weight0.89 gms
bull:left_legend_obverse bull:left_legend_reverse
Height7.6 mm
Width8.7 mm
Thickness2.2 mm
Weight0.81 gms
bull:right_legend_obverse bull:right_legend_reverse

Obverse : (upper) A humped bull couchant facing left within a circle of dots
(lower) A bull with large horns facing right within a circle of dots
Reverse : Truncated heads of Text in Brahami legend along periphery.

Identified the bull in lower coin as only the head section of a bull with large horns. However between them there are two smaller horns, and then more of bull is seen, but the identity of what was thought of as large horns is then unknown.

In reply to question I asked on the SouthAsiaCoins group on 2017 June 15th
Wilfried Pieper said
These small coppers are coins of the dynasty of the Naga kings of Padmawati (ca.170-350CE). Main find spots are Padmavati, Narwar, Kutwar and Mathura in North Madhya Pradesh. Border regions of eastern Rajasthan were probably also ruled by that dynasty. The legends on reverse have a circular arrangement, but the single letters are truncated; thus an attribution to a specific king is difficult.

Stephen Bridges of Chesapeake, Virginia, USA said
The reference for these coins Catalogue of the Coins of the Naga Kings of Padmavati: by H. V Trivedi. but the photos of the coins are not so good:

Jan Lingen of Netherlands said
Look here zeno.ru:157309

Rob Tye of UK said
Its worth noting that if we exclude China, the bull issues of Ganapati Naga are quite possibly the world's commonest ancient coin, at least in surviving quantities. I probably saw 10,000 of them in London alone over the years. So the chances of them turning up as strays elsewhere is high.

See also coin posted in Numista.

The coins were scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 600 dpi. Coins ex: Raja Wickramasinghe, is from part of Lalith Raddella's collection I purchased in 2016 December.

I thank Wilfried Pieper, Stephen Bridges, Jan Lingen and Johnson Philip for the information posted on SACG in reply to my Question.