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A web display of a personal collection of Ancient, legally circulated colonial, and modern coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) including 300dpi or higher color images with edited information from various sources.

LakdivaCoins has currently documented over 1000 Lankan coins and other ancient Lanka items on individual web pages.
Motivated by many reasons this long term project may take many years to complete. It is purely an attempt to put part of my Lankan heritage on the web, as much as I can afford to do so in both money and time. Significant contribution of coins or high resolution images to complete the site will be gratefully acknowledged.

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The Sri Lanka Numismatic Society meets every 3rd Sunday of the month (except if that is a Public Holiday) from 2-4 PM at the Board Room of the Royal Asiatic Society, No. 86, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha (Green Path), Colombo 7. (Mahaweli center, near back entrance to Colombo National Museum). If you are near Colombo as a resident or as a visitor, and interested in Coins and Currency, you are most welcome to attend.

For description of the monetary system in lanka please read overview.
For E-books on History of Lanka please read Codrington - Mahavamsa -
For the recent value of Lanka Rupee look at depreciation.
If you particularly interest in Lankan coins please read Notes, Media and Warnings.
If you travel in Lanka, I recommend you visit Museums with Lankan coins.

Illustration Topic : Line Drawing features on ancient coin
Preservation Topic : Cleaning Ancient encusted Lankan coin
Database : Online Catalog for Lankan Coins.
600 dpi scanned Plates from 1924 First Edition of Codrington's Coin book with Comparison
Latest Definitive Coin - 2017 March 13th - 2016 Steel Rs 1 coin Rs 2 coin and Rs 5 coin
Expected 2018 New Series of smaller Stainless Steel coins
Latest Commemorative Coins
NCLT ...... : 2017 January 23 - Visakha Vidyalaya Centenary Rs 2000 Silver coin
Circulated : 2017 July 12th; Rs 10 Steel coin - Ceylon Tea 150th Anniversary coin.
Expected. :

Calendars on Lankan Coins : CR 2008 - NDB 2011

Incredibly Rare Find Filipe III Gold 163x St Thome coin of Goa
Collection acquired Recently : OBRW Plate Specimens Coins & Tokens from Raja Wickramasinghe's collection.
Dutch Hoard: 19 Silver coins from Dutch Period. 1670
Research Topic : Statistical Analysis of 100 RajaRaja massa coins
Rare Find : The LTTE Gold token from Jaffna, Lanka.
Gold Sovereigns used in Lanka
Unexpected Scarcity : 2009 25 and 50 cent coins in circulation.
Catalog Topic : Mint ReStrikes of Coins from Lanka.
Photo-Essay Ruhuna A site for discovery of ancient Lankan coins and items.
Topical subset : Astronomical Symbols on Coins from Lanka.
Topical subset : Over two Millennium of Elephants on Coins from Lanka.
On lk Stamps : Coins images on Sri Lanka Stamps.
Recently updated - Coffee tokens of Ceylon
Ceylon USA - tokens including Good For tokens from Ceylon Minnesota.
Special Exhibits : Rare Coins from Ceylon in the Collection of Jan Lingen.
Exhibit: Online Treasure of the Great Basses. 2003 Fall PAN Show - Pittsburgh, USA
Article Graeme Stephens on Lankan coins (PDF 3.8MB) + Appendix (PDF 0.4MB)

For Information on Lankan Currency Notes Visit

Coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
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Numismatics, like some aspects of astronomy and natural history, remains a branch of learning in which the amateur can still do valuable work, and it is on the great collecting public, or rather on that part of which is interested in the subject at a scientific level, that the progress of numismatic science largely depends.

Philp Grierson - Prof of Numismatics, University of Cambridge.

Of all antiquities coins are the smallest, yet, as a class, the most authoritative in record, and the widest in range. No history is so unbroken as that which they tell; no geography so complete; no art so continuous in sequence, nor so broad in extent; no mythology so ample and so various. Unknown kings and lost towns, forgotten divinities and new schools of art have here their authentic record. Individual character is illustrated and the tendencies of races defined.

- R.S. Poole, Coins and Medals Curator, British Museum (1894).

After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can't face each other, but still they stay together.

- Hemant Joshi

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